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LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower Battle Review: A Fun and Exciting Set for Marvel Fans

If you are looking for a LEGO set that will provide hours of fun and excitement for your kids, you might want to check out the LEGO Marvel Avengers: Avengers Tower Battle 76166 Collectible Building Toy with Action Scenes and Superhero Minifigures.

This set is based on the iconic Marvel Avengers Tower from the movies and comics, and it features five floors of action-packed rooms and scenes. You can join Iron Man, Black Widow, and Red Skull in an epic battle that spans the entire tower, from the sky cycle garage to the arc reactor room, from the armory to the jail, and from the balconies to the rocket launcher. This set is a great way to recreate your favorite moments from the Marvel Avengers movies, or to create your own adventures with the included minifigures and accessories.

The box of this set is impressive, as it shows the tower in all its glory, with the Avengers logo and the Marvel logo on the front. The box also displays the minifigures and some of the features and functions of the set, such as the blast-open jail, the collapsible balcony, and the rocket launcher.

The box measures 13.94 x 14.88 x 2.78 inches and weighs 0.09 ounces. Inside the box, you will find 685 pieces, including six minifigures: Iron Man, Black Widow, Red Skull, and three A.I.M. Agents. Iron Man also comes with two additional armors: Blazer and Tazer. The pieces are divided into numbered bags, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The set also comes with a sticker sheet, which adds some details and decorations to the tower.

The set is suitable for kids aged 8 and up, as it has some complex and challenging parts, such as the arc reactor, the armory, and the rocket launcher. The set is also fun for adults, as it has some nostalgic and humorous elements, such as the Iron Man armors, the Avengers posters, and the pizza boxes.

The set is a great way to stimulate your kids’ imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills, as they can build and play with the tower in different ways. The set is also a great display piece, as it looks impressive and realistic, and it can be opened and closed for easy access to the rooms. The set is compatible with other LEGO Marvel Avengers sets, such as the Helicarrier, the Quinjet, and the Sanctum Sanctorum, so you can expand your Marvel universe with more characters and vehicles.

The set is not without its flaws, however. Some of the drawbacks of this set are:

  • The price: The set costs $183.95, which is quite expensive for a LEGO set. You might want to wait for a sale or a discount before buying it, or compare it with other similar sets to see if it is worth the money.
  • The size: The set is quite large, as it measures 17 inches high. You will need a lot of space to display and store it, and it might not fit well with other LEGO sets in terms of scale. You might also have some difficulty transporting it, as it is not very sturdy and it might fall apart easily.
  • The stickers: The set comes with a lot of stickers, which can be annoying and tedious to apply. Some of the stickers are also prone to peeling off or fading over time, which can ruin the look of the set. You might want to use some glue or varnish to secure the stickers, or replace them with custom printed bricks or tiles.
  • The minifigures: The set comes with six minifigures, which is not a lot for a set of this size and price. You might want to get some more minifigures to populate the tower, such as Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury. Some of the minifigures are also not very accurate or detailed, such as Red Skull, who has a plain red head instead of a skull-like face, and Black Widow, who has a generic hairpiece instead of her signature hairstyle.

Overall, the LEGO Marvel Avengers: Avengers Tower Battle 76166 Collectible Building Toy with Action Scenes and Superhero Minifigures is a great set for Marvel fans and LEGO enthusiasts, as it offers a lot of fun and excitement, as well as a stunning and realistic model of the Avengers Tower.

However, it is also a pricey and bulky set, which might not appeal to everyone. You should consider your budget, your space, and your preferences before buying this set, or look for other options that might suit you better. If you do decide to buy this set, you will not regret it, as it will provide you with hours of entertainment and enjoyment, as well as a beautiful and impressive display piece.

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